frozen in motion

Motherhood is marked by movement.

Little feet padding across the floor as the morning light streams in // high-pitched “hi-yahs!” as they scramble around on the wood floor in a faux battle (well, faux for now) // bounce-bounce-bouncing on the trampoline after reminding them, The living room couch isn’t where we jump, guys! (at least not while I’m in plain sight!) // pushing off the pavement to give the bikes and scooters momentum // pencil and marker and crayons in small hands to paper as they create their latest comic-Pokémon character-family drawing-monster (the littlest’s M.O.) // jerky arms and jumpy bodies as they move themselves and their fingers in sync with the video game characters on the screen// Sing 2 soundtrack being simultaneously belted at full volume and vivaciously reenacted. Pushes and hugs // cheers and tantrums // freeze tag and fights // If the house is motionless and quiet, they’re either sleep or not home.

When I hastily pull out my earbuds to minimize the noise, or shut the door and sit on the toilet for a moment of isolation and silence, I’m not wishing them away. (If anything I’m wishing for a bit of their energy!) It’s just that this grown-up body often forgets what it’s like to be so full of life, curiosity, and enthusiasm that slowing down seems like a ridiculous consideration. It sometimes feels the time is unaccounted for. How are you spending your days, little ones? Is it all just wasted time? The gallery of images on my phone–which I inevitably peruse when their 4 growing bodies are tucked away in bed–those pictures tell a different story.

Imagination bubbling over in blocks scattered over the floor. Books that take them to worlds they simply cannot find here. Costumes that mirror how they see themselves: strong, agile…a ninja, of course. Halloween decoration preparations–yes, in the middle of May. A kitchen that closely mirrors my own, and a kid all tied up in knots. Books read by Daddy are sure to draw a crowd, and it’s the volunteered sister poses the garner the most genuine smiles.

Frozen in time, these moments. The click of a camera shutter removes the sound, the motion, the movement, but captures other details I am so prone to miss. Motherhood may never be still, not truly. And quite possibly, taking photos may not be the time for me to ask them to try. Maybe the stillness isn’t for them, but for me, the mama-photographer and memory-capturer, to pause, to consider, and to encapsulate in pictures, for both their sake and mine, what it looks like for them, for us, in this fleeting season, to live.

This post is part of a blog hop with Exhale—an online community of women pursuing creativity alongside motherhood, led by the writing team behind Coffee + Crumbs.

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Author: Ashley Danielle

Found and kept by Jesus. Happily married to my best friend for 10 years. 4 years in as a homeschooling mama to 4 kids, ages 9 and under. Recovering people-pleaser, perpetual over-thinker, and a writer who's still finding her way.

One thought on “frozen in motion”

  1. Beautiful words and photos, Ashley! This line especially resonated with me: “It’s just that this grown-up body often forgets what it’s like to be so full of life, curiosity, and enthusiasm that slowing down seems like a ridiculous consideration.”


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